• Burgundy season

    ottobre 30, 2014 By Chiara

    These kind of special autumn days. Walking in the morning, under the wam sunlight, when you just want to have breakfast with coffee and crossaint at your favorite bar. One…

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  • Denim and loafers

    ottobre 27, 2014 By Chiara

    Happy Monday everyone! I shot these pictures more than a week ago, when weather was still warm enough to wear a simple tshirt with a jacket on. Now that autumn…

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  • Waiting for autumn

    ottobre 20, 2014 By Chiara

    Buon inizio settimana a tutti! Finalmente anche questa sessione autunnale di esami universitari è finita e riesco a tornare attiva sul blog. In questo look protagonista indiscusso è il mio…

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  • Books in my bags on Instagram

    ottobre 15, 2014 By Chiara

    Ciao a tutti ragazzi! Con questo post colgo l’occasione per un breve saluto e per condividere alcuni scatti recenti che potete vedere sul mio account Instagram. Per seguire i miei…

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  • The rock side

    ottobre 8, 2014 By Chiara

    It’s definetely that time of the year when you have to dress in layers. It’s not too cold nor too hot so I think that the best decision it’s wearing…

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  • Chiffon shirt and flare skirt

    ottobre 4, 2014 By Chiara

    Happy Saturday everyone! I believe this Mango chiffon shirt is the perfect piece, which every woman should own. I really mean it. It’s the right choice to any outfit, wether…

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