• The best of you.

    dicembre 30, 2015 By Chiara

    I couldn’t choose a more appropriate title for the last post of the year, the Foo Fighters song that always gives me the right energy and motivation whenever I need.…

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  • Fall colors

    dicembre 16, 2015 By Chiara

    I love fall colors and if you read my blog on regular basis, you should know how much I like mixting and matching. In this outfit I decided to wear…

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  • Denim dress

    dicembre 8, 2015 By Chiara

    December is usually synonymous of coats, fur vests, wool sweaters and so on and so forth. A few days ago, when I went out for a walk by the waterfront,…

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  • Black, brown and pearls

    dicembre 1, 2015 By Chiara

    During autumn a sweater with bare legs is pure perfection. It means that it’s not too cold yet and mixing items such as a sweater with a suede skirt it…

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