• Winter elegance : white coat and velvet pumps

    For a polished and super elegant winter look, the choice of wearing a white coat definitely makes the difference. A true classic which makes the outfit more sophisticated. With regards to the color palette for today’s look, I decided to match white, grey and green. L’Arianna shoes, as well as the coat, don’t go unnoticed. […]

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    febbraio 7, 2018 By Chiara
  • Neutral tones: faux fur jacket and light denim

    Goodmorning everyone! I’m taking advantage of the January temperatures to be able to wear faux fur jackets and coats. As you might have seen, if you read my blog on regular basis, I’ve been wearing them a lot. In the look of the day I decided to go for neutral tones, wearing my new faux […]

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    gennaio 23, 2018 By Chiara
  • Faux fur and ripped jeans

    Hello everyone! If you read my blog on the regular, you probably should know how I like winter. For the look of the day I decided to go for my new faux fur jacket, got from Zara on sale. Its brown shade it’s perfect matching it to black and other neutral colors, so I think […]

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    gennaio 8, 2018 By Chiara
  • Flare jeans and camel coat

    Goodmorning everyone! Hope you enjoyed Christmas and the time spent with your family and friends! Here I am with a new outfit, perfect to wear during the day: I decided to go for a dark blue sweater, a camel coat, ankle boots and a pair of flare jeans. As you may have noticed, I’m used […]

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    dicembre 27, 2017 By Chiara
  • Chenille hat and leather trousers

    Goodmorning everyone! Since winter it’s almost here and temperatures are getting colder day by day, when it comes to winter looks, I like wearing accessories to give to the whole outfit a personal touch. This season hats are a real trend: in every material, from wool to vinyl to chenille. For today’s look, I decided […]

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    dicembre 7, 2017 By Chiara
  • Red over the knee boots

    Goodmorning everyone! Today I want to share a winter outfit with a special new entry in my wardrobe, the red over the knee boots. They are among the trends of this season and, since I couldn’t decide whether to choose the red or the black ones I bought both of them. These red over the […]

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    novembre 26, 2017 By Chiara
  • Lace-up leather shirt and suede skirt

    Good morning everyone! For the look of the day I decided to wear a black and camel combo. I thought this is the exact time of the year when you still can go out without layering too much and avoid wearing a coat, so I  went for a black turtleneck and, above it, a lace-up […]

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    novembre 15, 2017 By Chiara
  • Over the knee boots and Prince of Wales blazer

    Good morning, everyone! Today I want to share a look I shot few days ago, consisting of two trends of the season: over the knee boots and Prince of Wales pattern. I decided to match these two new entries in my closet and I like how they turned out together. Since the blazer is quite […]

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    novembre 10, 2017 By Chiara
  • Parka and biker boots

    When it comes to autumn, there is a must have item in the wardrobe: a parka. It is perfect for those boring rainy days, when you want to go for a casual and comfy look. For the look of the day I decided to pair it with a black dress, biker boots and fishnet tights […]

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    novembre 4, 2017 By Chiara
  • Blazer and chelsea boots

    The beginning of the autumnal weather means you can easily wear a blazer or a jacket with bare legs and boots. This is maybe my favorite time of the year, when you can mix and match different kind of clothes, such as a summer t-shirt and a pair of chelsea boots that I’m wearing in […]

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    ottobre 23, 2017 By Chiara
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