• Lace-up leather shirt and suede skirt

    Good morning everyone! For the look of the day I decided to wear a black and camel combo. I thought this is the exact time of the year when you still can go out without layering too much and avoid wearing a coat, so I  went for a black turtleneck and, above it, a lace-up […]

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    novembre 15, 2017 By Chiara
  • Over the knee boots and Prince of Wales blazer

    novembre 10, 2017 By Chiara

    Good morning, everyone! Today I want to share a look I shot few days ago, consisting of two trends of the season: over the knee boots and Prince of Wales…

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  • Parka and biker boots

    novembre 4, 2017 By Chiara

    When it comes to autumn, there is a must have item in the wardrobe: a parka. It is perfect for those boring rainy days, when you want to go for…

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  • Blazer and chelsea boots

    ottobre 23, 2017 By Chiara

    The beginning of the autumnal weather means you can easily wear a blazer or a jacket with bare legs and boots. This is maybe my favorite time of the year,…

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  • Black gingham and red

    ottobre 11, 2017 By Chiara

    Good morning everyone! Just a quick update with an outfit I shot last week. Since it was warm during the day, I decided to go for an off-shoulders gingham top,…

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  • Fringes jacket

    ottobre 3, 2017 By Chiara

    Good morning everyone! Here I am, after a very busy period, with a new autumn outfit. If you read my blog on the regular, you probably should know that I…

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  • Wrap dress

    settembre 16, 2017 By Chiara

    Summer is almost over, but I’m still into one of this season’s trends: wrap dresses. We have been seeing them around in every color and this type of dress is…

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  • Velvet top and lace details

    settembre 7, 2017 By Chiara

    Hello everyone! Since autumn seems already here I just wanted to share this outfit I wore some days ago before it would appear out of season ahah 😀 Hopefully this…

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  • Autumn colors

    settembre 4, 2017 By Chiara

    Happy Monday everyone! I just wanted to share with you this photos I took before leaving for Spain in August. As you can see the outfit ended up to look…

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  • Peplum top and denim skirt

    settembre 1, 2017 By Chiara

    Hello September! You’re finally here. With the end of August I like thinking about autumn season. In the meanwhile, the weather is still warm, so I decided to wear a…

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