• Parka and biker boots

    When it comes to autumn, there is a must have item in the wardrobe: a parka. It is perfect for those boring rainy days, when you want to go for a casual and comfy look. For the look of the day I decided to pair it with a black dress, biker boots and fishnet tights […]

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    novembre 4, 2017 By Chiara
  • Blazer and chelsea boots

    The beginning of the autumnal weather means you can easily wear a blazer or a jacket with bare legs and boots. This is maybe my favorite time of the year, when you can mix and match different kind of clothes, such as a summer t-shirt and a pair of chelsea boots that I’m wearing in […]

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    ottobre 23, 2017 By Chiara
  • Black gingham and red

    Good morning everyone! Just a quick update with an outfit I shot last week. Since it was warm during the day, I decided to go for an off-shoulders gingham top, combining it to a pair of black trousers, black sandals and, to top it all, I added a pop of color with a red little […]

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    ottobre 11, 2017 By Chiara
  • Fringes jacket

    Good morning everyone! Here I am, after a very busy period, with a new autumn outfit. If you read my blog on the regular, you probably should know that I am a big fan of jackets. They are a must when it comes to transitional pieces in a wardrobe, ready to be worn with the […]

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    ottobre 3, 2017 By Chiara
  • Wrap dress

    Summer is almost over, but I’m still into one of this season’s trends: wrap dresses. We have been seeing them around in every color and this type of dress is perfect for every occasion or event, from the day to the night. It can be dressed-up with stiletto shoes or dressed-down with a pair of […]

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    settembre 16, 2017 By Chiara
  • Velvet top and lace details

    Hello everyone! Since autumn seems already here I just wanted to share this outfit I wore some days ago before it would appear out of season ahah 😀 Hopefully this is my last summer look (yes, I’m craving autumn!) and the next ones will be surely with an autumnal vibe. In this outfit I decided […]

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    settembre 7, 2017 By Chiara
  • Autumn colors

    Happy Monday everyone! I just wanted to share with you this photos I took before leaving for Spain in August. As you can see the outfit ended up to look so autumnal with this warm color-block palette, don’t you think? The off-shoulders top color, in particular, makes me think about falling leaves. I decided to […]

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    settembre 4, 2017 By Chiara
  • Peplum top and denim skirt

    Hello September! You’re finally here. With the end of August I like thinking about autumn season. In the meanwhile, the weather is still warm, so I decided to wear a peplum white top combining it to a denim skirt and a pair of block heel sandals. To complete this minimal outfit I chose a white […]

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    settembre 1, 2017 By Chiara
  • Benidorm, Spain

    ENG: For my summer holidays I decided to spend a week in Spain and precisely in Benidorm, a little city between Valencia and Alicante. Me and my friends chose this destination because of the perfect combination of relax and enjoyment. This has been my first time in Spain and I already cannot wait to see […]

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    agosto 25, 2017 By Chiara
  • Earth tones in Spain

    Came back home from Spain a couple of days ago and I already cannot wait for my next travel adventure. Traveling always makes me feel happy and excited. Getting out of my comfort zone is what I really need, from time to time. In this post I decided to share with you this earth tones […]

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    agosto 21, 2017 By Chiara