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UK travel diary | Wales and England

For the second time (click here to read about my first time), the UK has been good to me. I spent ten amazing days there and much to my surprise, the weather was just perfect. I couldn’t ask for more from my trip. We spent 6 days in Wales and then 4 in England. During these days I had the chance to visit many different places, and now that I look at all these pictures I took, my heart melts a little because the places we visited were even more beautiful than I expected. Whilst based in Wales for almost a week, we drove around a lot, visiting and exploring the cities and countryside that the country has to offer.

For the second day we headed to Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It was my birthday and the real beginning of the adventure. We walked around the bay and also visited the city centre. It was here that I noticed that the city is pretty new and modern, with new buildings and architecture in every corner.

The day after we had a completely different plan. As the weather was simply perfect, we seized the opportunity to go and visit the countryside and the beautiful Welsh coastline. The place you can see in these pictures is Rhossili; the view is absolutely breathtaking. Standing on the edge of the cliff, surrounded by nature, you can look down at the long, wide beach. It was something I had never experienced before. Apart from the heat, it felt so good! The place is peaceful, whilst the sun and the breeze really topped it off, making that moment truly unforgettable.

In the afternoon of the same day we headed to Tenby, a pretty little seaside town with many narrow streets going up and down, and cute pastel-coloured houses overlooking the harbour. It’s definitely the perfect place to enjoy the beach and chill on a sunny day. Full of food and quintessential candy shops, it is well worth a visit 🙂

On our forth day we opted for quite a long journey from Wales to Bath, in England. This city is well known for its Roman baths, and it’s the perfect place if you’re interested in history and art, as there are several museums. The architecture is characterised by a particular style, since most of the buildings are made from the local, golden-coloured Bath Stone.

In the afternoon, we also went to Castle Combe, a tiny, quaint village in the middle of the English countryside. This place looks like a fable setting, full of cottages and surrounded by nature. Whilst being there, it felt so magical, like we weren’t living in our own era, rather hundreds of years ago.

For the last four days of our UK trip, we headed to London, my favourite place. I will never get tired of it. Every time you are there, you get the chance to explore different areas. In these pictures you can see Regent’s Park, one of the Royal Parks of London. Last but not least, the day before leaving the UK, we spent some time in Cambridge, which is well-known for being a university city, where we had the chance to visit some areas inside one of the colleges.

Arrivederci UK, hope to see you soon!

By Chiara

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